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What We Do

Our team of professionals are here to help you with all your Appellate Press needs.


Statements, Certifications, Notices, Stipulations & More.


High Quality Typesetting, Digital Printing & Binding.


Briefs / Records Provided on a Variety of Media Types.


Get notified by email of important dates & decisions.

Preparation of the Appendix/Record, completed with pagination, headings & table of contents, as well as all necessary appellate documents, statements, certifications, notices & stipulations.

  • Lower-court file retrieval
  • Review papers
  • Arrange papers in logical sequence
  • Identify Reproduced papers and prepare cross reference
  • Identify missing documents, if any
  • Identity if Transcripts of Proceedings and/or Notice of Settlement to be filed and served
  • Conveniently upload missing documents online

With our advanced print/scan technology and software, you shall expect nothing less than the highest quality of typesetting, digital printing & binding of all legal documents.

  • Typeset covers
  • Table of Contents (Witnesses table where required)
  • Acquire docket numbers/docket entries depending on the court where appealed
  • Certificates, Note of Issue, Argument Time Request, Statement of no other Opinion, etc
  • Apply Page number and heading
  • De-skew and De-speckle each page
  • Scanned documents optimization and text sharpening

With Comprehensive Appellate Press, the choice of media is yours. We will present your briefs and/or record/appendix on any type of media you select or is required by the applicable judicial venue. Digital, Hard Copy or both we provide them all.

  • OCR and convert to searchable PDF
  • Hyperlink Table of Contents to Record/Appendix and Brief content
  • Hyperlink Table of Authority to Brief content
  • Prepare Record/Appendix for ECF Filing
  • ECF Filing

With our “Case Tracking” feature you will always be in the know as to the current status of your appeal. We will notify you by email of your oral argument date and decisions.

  • Notification of new decisions
  • Oral Argument and scheduled appearances reminders sent by email.
  • 24/7 online accesses to your records and briefs via the Comprehensive Client Portal.

Professional Services

Comprehensive Appellate Services provides a wide variety of services. From document preparation to case tracking and everything in between.

What Makes Us Better

Faithfully serving attorneys and other legal-industry professionals with sterling integrity, keen professionalism and exemplary customer service.

Serving the Legal Community

Mr. Isaac Brown has developed a strong rapport with personal injury, medical malpractice and other attorneys and their staff.

Knowledgeable & Dedicated Staff

Our team is well versed in all the intricate rules and regulations of all the various appellate courts.

Save On Your Appellate Services

Assisting small to medium sized law firms with their appellate press needs on every case for less.

About Us

Attorneys, Law firms prefer Comprehensive Appellate Press for our knowledge of the appellate practice. Furthermore, our experienced staff and professionalism makes Comprehensive Appellate Press stand head and shoulders above all others. Whether you represent an appellant or you are responding to an appeal, Comprehensive Appellate Press is your choice. Regardless of the size of your filing, you can rest easily knowing that the most competent and acknowledged staff will lead you through the process and that your documents will faithfully adhere to the rules and will present your case in its best possible light.

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